“Cuorips” is a combination of “Cuore,” an Italian word meaning “the heart,” and “iPS,” which stands for “induced pluripotent stem” cells.

Our Philosophy

Cuorips is a company that develops innovative and effective therapies, leveraging reliable and safe technologies based on Japan’s state-of-the-art medicine that is leading the world.

We at Cuorips aim to make a contribution to patients across the world by providing new therapies, thereby moving the hearts of patients and their families.

The first challenge that Cuorips is making is to promote research and development concerning the manufacturing method for an iPS cell-derived cardiomyocyte sheet, and to establish an efficient production technology, thereby acquiring the marketing authorization for this regenerative medicine product.

With our dream team filled with deep affection for patients, we will pioneer this new path of medicine implementing our ability to think outside-the-box and take agile action.

Our motto is “Moving people’s hearts and maintaining their lives.”

We will develop new therapies that contribute to the health and lives of people across the world, by combining technology with hearts, and science with people, so that people can lead healthy and happy lives for as long as they live.